About The 1up Movement

The 1up movement is for individuals, and organizations, to collaborate, to enhance economic and social conditions, using a process of social entrepreneurship, while maximizing critical thinking techniques.  The phrase “stay 1up”, means to stay focused on making positive self-elevation and social change.  It means to avoid the evils and traps of the world, and to think more critically, while making good decisions.  The objective of this blog is to highlight individuals, organizations, and subject matters, that promote our mission.

The 1up movement only exists when there is a conscious effort, or collaboration, of organizations and individuals putting words into action. It’s very essence stems from the combining and sharing of knowledge and resources, all used in a positive way to enhance the economic and social conditions of everyone involved. The movement funnels through social entrepreneurship, and its effectiveness is maximized using critical thinking techniques and practices.  1up Entertainment is broken down into two branches. We have 1up Entertainment/Consulting and 1up Entertainment/Music


At 1up Entertainment/Consulting, we create educational entertainment, and we strategically plan and host events which promote public awareness (consciousness), while generating revenue for organizations that support changes to negative policies and behavior.

Official 1up Entertainment/Consulting Site


The main objective for 1up Entertainment/Music is to spread the importance of critical thinking education and to get more artists to create more positive conscious minded music. We are dedicated in promoting those artists who are down with the 1up movement as a whole. 1up Entertainment is just another tool used to promote the 1up Movement.  

Official 1up Entertainment/Music Site


This is the official site for the founder of the 1up movement.

The Offficial Saye Taryor Site


This site steps away from the business, to promote the ideals of the 1up movement.   

The Official 1up Movement Site

<a href=”https://plus.google.com/106482526666323304398&#8243; rel=”publisher”>Google+</a>



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