10 Reasons to Purchase “Overstanding With A 1up Vision: The Critical Thinking Approach to Liberation “

1) “Overstanding With A 1up Vision” is a righteous book.

2) “Overstanding With A 1up Vision” has compiled a list of self-help questions that can be utilized to help individuals gain “knowledge of self.”

3) “Overstanding With A 1up Vision” introduces its readers to the bylaws, mission statements, and code of conduct of several organizations which were initially created to represent oppressed people (mainly people of African descendants) living in America.

4) Every person who reads “Overstanding With A 1up Vision” at some point will come across information in the book, in which they did not know, or have never explored.

5) “Overstanding With A 1up Vision” promotes that we re-evaluate and examine everything in which we have accepted as our values, and as “truth,” from our educational training to our traditions.

6) “Overstanding With A 1up Vision” advocates the introduction of critical thinking education and social entrepreneur concepts to our young. It also introduces the concept of vacating the current monetary economic system and embracing a more resource based economic system moving into the next generation.

7) “Overstanding With A 1up Vision” is a well written book, and an easy read.

8) “Overstanding With A 1up Vision” pinpoints specific tactics used in mainstream media, to keep our children engaged in buffoonery and unrighteous behavior. It provides positive alternatives and solutions to combat these tactics. It also suggests positive ways for young people to deal with negative forms of peer pressure.

9) You are supporting two black businesses that promote positive concepts and alternatives to our youth, when you purchase “Overstanding With A 1up Vision.” [1up Entertainment and Kiiton Press]

10) “Overstanding With A 1up Vision” provides a list of literary books that can be utilized to educate our people for ages to come.


Saye Menlekeh Taryor



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