Dissecting Rap Lyrics to Children


People who enjoy watching destructive images, and enjoy listening to violent music about and by their own people have been brainwashed to find pleasure in self destruction. They bob their heads and do the latest dances, while artists call their black women bitches and threaten to kill their black brothers, while raping their children. They think its hip and cool when the artists brag about “murdering another NIGGER.” Just like the KKK, they find it entertaining, funny, and some kids even use it to increase their swag. When Biggies says he will tie a nigger up and have his home boy rape someone kids, they think its dope. They say, “Biggie is the best emcee, I just love the music, but I am smart enough not to go out and do that.” How many people love watching movies about children being raped and molested? How many straight men enjoy watching movies about gay men making love? So why would a black man enjoy listening to music about blacks killing each other and abusing their women and killing their children, and flooding drugs in their community? That is backwards and ignorant. How does one enjoy foolishness, and find it entertaining, unless they have been brainwashed.

RBG Slogan1

Illuminating article about this issue


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