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Help The Homeless Challenge


I don’t have a bucket challenge, but I have a challenge to every single individual and Church in the United States. You all collect a lot of money every Sunday, so I challenge you to do the following with some of those earnings. It will be much better than building another wing to expand the church.

Go downtown and greet homeless people all around the city

Take them to a local salon or barbershop, and pay for them to get their hair washed and cut.

Take them shopping for at least 3 pairs of wardrobe, including shoes and undergarments

Pay for a day in a hotel, and allow them to shower and clean up

Talk to them and find out their talents and their work history. Help them write a resume, take a picture of them, and create a Linkedin account for them.

Set them up with an email account and get them a library card. Purchase a phone for them which allows’ them to connect to internet access. You don’t have to connect the phone service, but connect them to google hangouts, so that they can contact members of the church when they are in an area that provides free internet access. It will also allow them to read their emails and to send emails to members of the church, or to potential job

Get them a rail card or a Bus card that is pre-paid for at least 1 month

Visit the shelter in which they reside and make sure that the shelter is kept clean, and that the shelter has enough volunteers.

If they are not living in a shelter, help them find a good shelter, or let the members of the church take turns boarding these individuals

Build a Shelter in your church to help home the Homeless, and to help them with job skills etc.

After talking to a homeless person, you should know their names, the shelter they reside, their age, where they are from, and how to keep in touch with them moving forward, then pray and ask God to help them.

Who’s all in?

Make sure to contact if you live in the metro Atlanta Area