Need Help Writing or Publishing Your Manuscript?

Kiiton Press and 1up Entertainment/Consulting are currently looking for good manuscripts to publish on African/African American History and Life.    Inquire here

who i am

We want manuscripts dealing with the social, political, economic, religious and cultural conditions of the peoples of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa—especially on Liberia.   We publish books of interest to a broader audience and not so broad audience as well.

What Kinds of Manuscripts Do We Need?

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Short Stories, Scholarly books, Cookbooks, Family History/Family Tree, Church History, City History, Organization History, Book of Poems, Corporate History, Training Manual, Children’s Book and Paperback Text Books, Masters Thesis and Dissertations.

We also help promote and sell your book to libraries, (public & private), bookstores, (schools & university bookstores), jobbers, wholesalers, and book dealers. Your book is listed in Books In Print, and other book information sources.  A review of your book is placed in the appropriate magazines, journals, and newspapers.  We can even help arrange a book signing party in your local community library or church and school. We promote your book on the Internet.


Also, let us know if you need help with any of the items below:

(a)  ISBN [International Standard Book Number

(10) digits
(13) digits

(b)  A Library of Congress Catalogue Number
is assigned to your book while in publication.
With those numbers, every library will be happy
to secure your book because the numbers
they need from the Library of Congress to
catalogue your book are already on your book.

(c)  Barcode:  Some of our books are sold in
book stores, department stores and even
supermarkets.  They use scanners to scan
the price of your book at the chash rigestrar.
Without the barcode, they will not accept
your book.

(d)   Copyright your book with the Library of Congress

Contact us below:

These are Authors of the first
Liberian Writers Series.

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