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Hip-Co Documentary Project

Background & Objective


1up Entertainment is currently looking for partners (a production team) to collaborate with, on a 95-minute documentary film, which will be produced in Monrovia Liberia, (West Africa).  Our objective is to highlight a new genre of music called, Hip-Co.  This is a form of hip-hop, but in Liberian “Colloquial English.”  We want to introduce Liberian Hip-Co to the international world and to help create a more lucrative financial path for Hip-Co artists within Liberia.  We also want to shed light on the lack of resources and the unethical practices within Liberia’s music industry.  More importantly, we will show the dynamic impact Hip-Co has had politically and socially within Liberia while introducing some of Liberia’s most talented Hip-Co artists.  When this project is completed, it should help launch the international acceptance of Hip-Co, and create economic and social improvements within Liberia, a country torn by years of civil war.   We are currently in the process of trying to secure the time of more potential investors, and we feel having a production team in place will enhance the process.


Liberia, once devastated by civil war for over two decades, is finally ready to unite and rebuild, and so are a large group of talented musicians within the West African country.  Weathering the war, two popular Hip-Co artists, hip-hop, in Liberian “Colloquial English”, take the viewers on a two-week roller coaster, as they share the motivation and history behind the new genre of music, leading to a huge festival performance.  Despite their huge following, the two artists show how they deal with limited financial and promotional resources, as viewers are enlightened by interviews from local dj’s, radio personalities, Hip-Co artists, government officials, and people within the local population.  This entertaining documentary introduces the viewer to Liberia’s history and culture, while showing the political and social influence Hip-Co music has had in Liberia.  The drama never ends, with live performances from some of the best Hip-Co stars, leaving one to wonder the possible influence it can have internationally.

If you are interested in being part of this project, we are currently looking for individuals to collaborate with to finalize our team.

  • Production Crew
  • Public Relations
  • Security Director
  • Hip-Co Artists
  • Location Director

You would work under contract with 1up Entertainment for this project.                                                                                     

If interested, contact Saye Taryor / 240-838-2009/  Twitter @sayetaryor     Facebook