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1up Critical Thinking Literature

FREE literary work from Saye Taryor and 1up Entertainment Entitled
What Do You Think?

Tackle issues of critical thinking and recognizing fallacies.
Read interesting quotes from interesting individuals

Albert Einstein
A person, who’s never made a mistake, never tried anything new.
Huey P Newton
My fear was not of death itself, but a death without meaning.
Explore over 100 questions like the ones below:

Does reading a lot of books make one smart, or does it depend on the type of books in which one reads? Is it better to only understand one side of the argument, and to understand it fully, or is it better to only know 90% of both sides of the argument?

What are ten things you feel all children should know? List ten things you feel all children should know and explain why.

How do you apply your religious, spiritual, or moral beliefs to your everyday life?

How do Christians, Jews, and Muslims, individually, view the importance of Jesus of Nazereth? Research the role of Jesus in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, and create three categories, explaining the similarities and or differences, on how each religious group views Jesus.

Do you agree with the American governments actions in their dealings with “operation paper clip”?

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