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Questions That Make Us Think

Questions That Make Us Think
By Saye Taryor

How often do you defend or oppose bills passed by congress?

How often have you read the bill in which you have defended or opposed?

Do you track how your elected state official, in congress, votes on daily legislations?

Are you familiar with the individuals in congress who support or are in opposition to the three most important personal concerns that you have, and how often do you read legislation in which they have presented to congress?

How do you research to make sure the person you are listening to is giving you the most accurate description on the issue at hand? Do you use multiple research tools to fact-check your sources, in order for you to be able to form the most accurate opinion?

Do you make sure to examine the argument from the other side, and from reliable sources that can provide adequate viewpoints or explanations?

How well educated are you concerning each issue at hand? Do you make sure you have read or studied (from multiple sources or view points) about the dynamics surrounding the conflict being discussed?

Do you educate yourself well enough before you form opinions on issues, or are your opinions from quick sound bites, which you’ve heard from different television personalities? What responsible process do you follow before deciding to agree with or to reject an individual’s response as being true, false, reliable or unreliable? How do you evaluate these things?

If someone were to ask you, “what is the moral difference between capitalism and socialism” and then were to state the fact that “people owned slaves and made individuals work for free labor within a capitalist system in America” how would you explain the difference between socialism and capitalism to them?

If someone were to ask you, “what are your views on the 1964 Civil Rights Act of 1964, and why do you think former president George H. Bush voted against it, how would you go about getting the necessary information to respond to the question in a responsible and adequate way, and what would your response be?